Looking for alteration suggestions for the official Sequences ebook

As you may have heard, the Sin­gu­lar­ity In­sti­tute is in the pro­cess of cre­at­ing an offi­cial ebook ver­sion of The Se­quences (speci­fi­cally, Eliezer’s Ma­jor Se­quences writ­ten be­tween 2006 and 2009).

Now is an op­por­tune time to make any al­ter­a­tions to the con­tents of the Se­quences. We’re look­ing for sug­ges­tions about:

  1. Posts to add to the Se­quences. E.g., “scope in­sen­si­tivity” is not cur­rently a part of any se­quence, per­haps it should be? Prefer­ably sug­gest a spe­cific lo­ca­tion, or at least a spe­cific se­quence where you think the ad­di­tion would log­i­cally go.

  2. Posts to re­move from the Se­quences. Are there re­dun­dant or un­nec­es­sary posts? To call the Se­quences long is a bit of an un­der­state­ment.

  3. Alter­na­tives to “The Se­quences” as a ti­tle, such as “How to be Less Wrong: The Se­quences, 2006--2009.”

Put sep­a­rate sug­ges­tions in sep­a­rate com­ments so that spe­cific changes can be dis­cussed. All sug­ges­tions will be re­viewed, with fi­nal changes made by Eliezer. Next thing you know, you’ll be sip­ping a hot mocha in your fa­vorite chair while read­ing about Death Spirals on your handy e-reader.

The Se­quences that will be pre­sent in the ebook: