MINE: Free tool for detecting novel associations in large data sets

I was wait­ing for some­one more knowl­edge­able to post some­thing about this, but it’s been a cou­ple days and thought I’d bring it to LW’s at­ten­tion.

The max­i­mal in­for­ma­tion co­effi­cient (MIC) is a mea­sure of two-vari­able de­pen­dence de­vel­oped with the guidelines of gen­er­al­ity and equitabil­ity in mind. The pub­lished pa­per de­scribing MIC shows that it comes very close to achiev­ing both goals si­mul­ta­neously, and that it sig­nifi­cantly out­performs com­pet­ing meth­ods in this re­gard.

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