Understanding Wikileaks history

I know that Wik­ileaks is a poli­ti­cal topic but I still think that it is im­por­tant to dis­cuss it in this fo­rum. Ra­tional de­ci­sions can only made when in­for­ma­tion is available. The ques­tion be­hind Wik­ileaks is cen­tral to the quest to make ra­tio­nal de­ci­sions.
If you in­form your­self through the main­stream me­dia you ba­si­cally don’t un­der­stand the thoughts be­hind Wik­ileaks. The got sur­prised when Wk­ik­ileaks in­serted it­self into the it’s sto­ries in­stead of stay­ing in the back­ground. The Cli­mate Gate emails were for ex­am­ple re­leased by Wik­ileaks with­out the pub­lic be­com­ing aware of Wik­ileaks ex­is­tence.
I would like to list a few re­sources that ac­tu­ally help you to form your own opinion:
The first is a talk given at the eve in 2005. On the Chaos Com­puter Congress the war against the Surveilence State get’s de­clared lost. The idea gets put for­ward that hack­ers need to pro­duce tech­nol­ogy to al­low poli­ti­cal dis­si­dents to stay anony­mous.
A year later Ju­lian As­sange founds to­gether with peo­ple around Chaos Com­puter Club Wik­ileaks. There’s no pub­lic record of all the mem­bers and it there­fore not clear whether ev­ery­one in ques­tion took part on a Chaos Com­puter Congress. The Chaos Com­puter Congress has per de­sign no list of par­ti­ci­pants and had over a long time a policy to for­bid pho­tographs to pro­tect anonymity.
Rop Gon­grijp who gave the “We lost the war”-talk I men­tioned above later trav­eled to Maleysia with Ju­lian As­sange and was in the group that pre­pared the Col­lat­eral Mur­der video.
Daniel Dom­scheit-Berg who served as sec­ond spokesman of Wik­ileaks lives in Ber­lin and at­tended the Chaos Com­puter Congress a bunch of times.
Ja­cob Ap­pelbaum who gave a Wik­ileaks talk in the US af­ter it be­came clear that Ju­lian is in dan­ger if he would go to the US gave speeches at the Chaos Com­puter Congress in 2005.
The Wau Holand foun­da­tion that’s linked to the Chaos Com­puter Club (Wau Holand was a cofounder of the Chaos Com­puter Club) man­ages the money that gets donated to Wik­ileaks.
There are ru­mors that Wik­ileaks eaves­dropped via Tor exit notes on a Chi­nese in­tel­li­gence op­er­a­tion and used doc­u­ments that the Chi­nese gath­ered as their start­ing data.
Ju­lian As­sange then pub­lishes two trea­tises ti­tled “State and Ter­ror­ist Con­spir­a­cies” and “Con­spir­acy as Gover­nance” in which he scretches out model of how groups that act against the pub­lic in­ter­ests work and how they can be weak­ened. It uses mod­ern Graph the­ory and is worth read­ing even if would come from an­other source that isn’t in­volved in Wik­ileaks.
If you can un­der­stand Ger­man then there a very in­ter­est­ing talk about how you find truth by Frank Rieger who was the other per­son given the “We lost the war” talk. It illus­trates very well a gen­eral skep­tic po­si­tion about find­ing the truth in which that com­mu­nity be­lieves http://​​me­dia.ccc.de/​​browse/​​congress/​​2007/​​24c3-2334-de-die_wahrheit_und_was_wirk­lich_passierte.html .
In the eve of 2008 Wik­ileaks ex­plains it­self and it’s first suc­cesses at the Chaos Com­puter Congress.
In the eve of 2009 they also hold a progress re­port and re­port about the plans to make Is­land a offshore free press haven. They also want to switch to a up­dated soft­ware plat­form and make an ap­pli­ca­tion the knight foun­da­tion in which they de­tail how the new soft­ware should look like. 600 peo­ple vol­un­teer to con­tribute to Wik­ileaks as pro­gram­mers af­ter the talk ac­cord­ing to Daniel Dom­scheit-Berg de­scrip­tion at the next Chaos Com­puter Congress.
In 2010 Wik­ileaks fo­cuses on pub­lish­ing doc­u­ments that were allegedly given by Bradley Man­ning. Wik­ileaks sud­denly comes in the pub­lic eye.
Charges get made against Ju­lian As­sange based on rape. Peo­ple such as Daniel Dom­scheit-Berg say that the rape charges are Ju­lian As­sanges per­sonal busi­ness and have noth­ing to do with Wik­ileaks. The Chaos Com­puter Club offi­cial po­si­tion is that it doesn’t com­ment of the per­sonal prob­lems of mem­bers of Wik­ileaks.
The Wik­ileaks group forks over in­ter­nal con­tro­very. On 30.12.2010 Daniel Dom­scheit-Berg pre­sents a talk on OpenLeaks as an al­ter­na­tive to Wik­ileaks where OpenLeaks will give doc­u­ments di­rectly to pub­lic play­ers like news­pa­pers or NGOs in­stead of pub­lish­ing it them­selves. The talk isn’t yet on­line but will be in the fu­ture.
In it he clar­ifies that he isn’t even the lead de­vel­oper of OpenLeaks and that they are a bunch of peo­ple who split from Wik­ileaks.