[Question] Predictions/​questions about conquistadors?

After my post on con­quis­ta­dors got loads of at­ten­tion, I figured I should do more in-depth re­search. (For the post, all I did was read a bunch of Wikipe­dia ar­ti­cles). So I’m read­ing “The Con­quest of Mex­ico and The Con­quest of Peru” a 1400-page book writ­ten by a blind Har­vard his­to­rian in the 1830s. It was recom­mended by Wikipe­dia as a clas­sic work on the topic, the most thor­ough nar­ra­tive of events to be found even to­day. (Let me know if you know of a bet­ter book to read!)

It seems good to reg­ister pre­dic­tions and ques­tions in ad­vance, to help re­sist the nat­u­ral hu­man ten­dency to learn a bunch of facts and then ra­tio­nal­ize why they sup­port what you thought all along.

In the an­swers I’ll put some of mine, and I would be very in­ter­ested to hear yours as well.

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