Inefficient Games

There are sev­eral well-known games in which the pareto op­tima and Nash equil­ibria are dis­joint sets.
The most fa­mous is prob­a­bly the pris­oner’s dilemma. Races to the bot­tom or tragedies of the com­mons typ­i­cally have this fea­ture as well.

I pro­posed call­ing these in­effi­cient games. More gen­er­ally, games where the sets of pareto op­tima and Nash equil­ibria are dis­tinct (but not dis­joint), such as a stag hunt could be called po­ten­tially in­effi­cient games.

It seems worth­while to study (po­ten­tially) in­effi­cient games as a class and see what can be dis­cov­ered about them, but I don’t know of any such work (poin­t­ers wel­come!)