How I accidentally discovered the pill to enlightenment but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Eastern en­light­en­ment is not what you think. I mean, maybe it is. But it’s prob­a­bly not. There’s a rea­son it’s so elu­sive, and there’s a rea­son that it hasn’t joined west­ern sci­ence and the west­ern world the way that cu­ri­os­ity and dis­cov­ery have as a driv­ing force.

This is the story of my mis­take ac­ci­den­tally dis­cov­er­ing en­light­en­ment.

Fe­bru­ary 2017

I was notic­ing some weird symp­toms. I felt cold. Which was strange be­cause I have never been cold. Nick­names in­clude “fire” and “hot hands”, my his­tory in­cludes a lot of bad jokes about how I am definitely on fire. I am known for vis­it­ing the snow in shorts and a t-shirt. I hit 70kg, The least fat I have ever had in my life. And that was the only ex­pla­na­tion I had. I asked a doc­tor about it, I did some read­ing – cir­cu­la­tion prob­lems. I don’t have cir­cu­la­tion prob­lems at the age of 25. I am more fit than I have ever been in my life. I look into hes­peridin (or­ange peel) and eat my­self a few whole or­anges in­clud­ing peel. No change. I look into other blood pres­sure sup­ple­ments, other cap­il­lary mod­ify­ing sup­ple­ments… Other ideas to in­ves­ti­gate. I de­cided I couldn’t be miss­ing some­thing be­cause there was noth­ing to be miss­ing. I would have read it some­where already. So I set­tled for the ob­vi­ous an­swer. Be­ing skin­nier was mak­ing me colder.

Flash­back to Fe­bru­ary 2016

This is where it all be­gins. I move out of my par­ents house into an apart­ment with a girl I have been see­ing for un­der 6 months. I weigh around 80kg (that’s 12.5 stones or 176 pounds or 2822 ounces for our im­pe­rial friends). Life hap­pens and by March I am on my own. I de­cide to start run­ning. Make my­self a more de­sir­able hu­man.

I taught my­self a lot about rou­tines and habits and ac­tu­ally get­ting my­self to run. Run­ning is hard. Ac­tu­ally, run­ning is easy. Leav­ing the house is hard. But I work that out too.

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