How hard do we really want to sell cryonics?

For a lot of serious charitable causes, people expend tremendous resources on ‘raising awareness’ which probably, on net, accomplishes little or nothing for the cause it nominally supports. For cryonics, though, the technology already exists, the target audience can pay for it themselves, the main obstacle is genuine ignorance and perverse fear-of-death countermeasures.

The second problem seems intractable, but in the long term we can just let the blind idiot god fix it.

For the first, have any of the organizations involved considered saving up for, say, a superbowl ad? Or even just some youtube videos. I am imagining it set up as a conversation between two people in, say, an office. The skeptic brings up some plausible-sounding objection (sticking to the saner stuff), which is illustrated by cartoons with the continuing conversation as voiceover.

See, I talked to a relative of mine, who I respect very highly, on easter. She’s planning to get cremated. Mentioned some technical objections which I know have been resolved, but which I couldn’t adequately explain on the spot, and didn’t know where to point her for the source.