Why books don’t work

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A look at how books are not op­ti­mal for con­vey­ing in­for­ma­tion. Analo­gies to lec­tures, with an in­ter­est­ing take on cog­ni­tive mod­els, i.e. the as­sump­tions you make about how learn­ing hap­pens. Also some in­ter­est­ing cita­tions on av­er­age read­ing time and at­ten­tion span.

I re­ally like this piece be­cause it ties to­gether lots of thoughts I’ve pre­vi­ously tried to ex­press, but didn’t find the right words for. I think it does a very good job of point­ing out how the de­fault mediums are not op­ti­mal.

Also in­ter­est­ing to note the au­thor has col­lab­o­rated with Michael Niel­sen (who wrote a fan­tas­tic on­line book on neu­ral net­works) on an­other on­line book on quan­tum com­put­ing which in­cor­po­rates spaced rep­e­ti­tion, and he has also done prior work for Khan Academy.