Good transhumanist fiction?

I just watched this, a very pretty ver­sion of “don’t try to make your­self differ­ent, just ac­cept who you are”, and I re­al­ized that self-di­rected change in fic­tion is a worth­while topic.

What I’m look­ing for is sto­ries where main char­ac­ters change them­selves in ways which are ba­si­cally im­prove­ments—get­ting be­yond the usual hu­man is a plus, but for pur­poses of this dis­cus­sion I’m in­clud­ing any sig­nifi­cant pos­i­tive change.

Another big plus would be the char­ac­ter need­ing to learn which of their goals make sense, and which meth­ods work.

**ETA:** That was a bit of a stub—HPMOR is partly about Harry and Hermione chang­ing them­selves, gen­er­ally for the bet­ter I think (I’ve only read it once). It would be in­ter­est­ing to see what hap­pens if Quir­rell de­cides he needs to up­grade him­self.

*Stranger in a Strange Land* is an in­ter­est­ing par­tial ex­am­ple—the Mar­tian lan­guage is pre­sum­ably an up­grade for the hu­man race, but it was de­vel­oped by and for Mar­ti­ans, and needs some mod­ifi­ca­tion.

A *lot* of rel­a­tively re­cent fic­tion has peo­ple learn­ing mar­tial arts. I think ap­pear­ance makeovers (typ­i­cally for women) have be­come less com­mon. I don’t think there’s a lot of fic­tion about ap­pear­ance makeovers for men-- *The Stars My Desti­na­tion* has one, but it’s offstage. It wouldn’t sur­prise me if *The Count of Monte Cristo* (fre­quently refer­enced with TSMD) has one.