[Question] What is the current state of knowledge around COVID-19 at-home remedies?

Followup to: https://​​www.lesswrong.com/​​posts/​​CewTrCRfyCgW4NJQM/​​rob-bensinger-s-covid-19-overview and https://​​www.lesswrong.com/​​posts/​​ETqyWKoHpP9LytGmS/​​you-ve-been-exposed-to-covid-19-what-do-you-wish-you-knew

It’s been ~4 months since COVID-19 become a globally relevant topic; most of the treatment work that I’ve seen is focused on reducing mortality in the context of high-severity cases (usually post hospitalization) ie remdesivir, dexamethasone etc. Wanted to share my current synthesis around “what should I take if I’m experiencing covid-like symptoms?”; would greatly appreciate any feedback as well as info around other positive-effect-on-current-balance-of-evidence treatments that I’ve missed.