has anyone actually gotten smarter, in the past few years, by studying rationality?

I feel I’ve learned a lot about problem solving from less wrong (and HPMOR in particular). be concrete, hold off on proposing solutions, et cetera. The effect*, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be as much as I had hoped.

Small increases in intelligence are extremely general and even recursive, so it feels worth the effort. But, I found alternatives much more effective (though still modest) then studying/​discussing/​applying the sequences. like meditation or smart drugs.

I’m interested in other lesswrongers experiences in cognitive enhancement.

* by “smarter” I mean “better at problem solving”, where examples of “problems” are writing a program, finding the right thing to say to resolve interpersonal conflict, memorizing some random fact quickly and then recalling it quickly/​vividly. let me know if you want further clarification.