LW Update 2019-04-02 – Frontpage Rework

Since LW2.0 launched, the front­page had be­come very com­plex – both vi­su­ally and con­cep­tu­ally. This was pro­duc­ing an over­all bad ex­pe­rience, and mak­ing it hard for the team to add or scale up fea­tures (such as Q&A, and later on Com­mu­nity, Library and up­com­ing Recom­men­da­tions)

For the past cou­ple months, we’ve been work­ing on an over­haul of the front­page (and cor­re­spond­ingly, the over­all site de­sign). Our goal was is to re­ar­range that com­plex­ity, spend­ing fewer “com­plex­ity points” on things that didn’t need them as much, so we could spend them el­se­where.

Front­page Updates

  • Tooltip ori­ented de­sign.

    • It’s eas­ier to figure out what most things will do be­fore you click on it.

  • Nav­i­ga­tion Menu

    • Helps es­tab­lish the over­all site hierarchy

    • Available on all ma­jor site pages (not Post Pages, where we want peo­ple to read with­out dis­trac­tion)

    • Im­proved mo­bile nav­i­ga­tion (shows up as a tab menu at the bot­tom)

    • Even­tu­ally we’ll de­p­re­cate the old Nav Menu (still available in the header) and re­place it with a col­lapsi­ble ver­sion of the new one.

  • Home Page streamlining

    • Moved Recom­mend Se­quences and Com­mu­nity over to the Nav Menu, so there are only 3 sec­tions to parse

    • Post Items sim­plified down to one line.

    • Lat­est Posts now only have a sin­gle set­ting: “show per­sonal blog­posts”, in­stead of forc­ing you to figure out im­me­di­ately what “meta”, “cu­rated” and “daily” are.

    • Post List op­tions are gen­er­ally ‘light cobalt blue’ – not too ob­tru­sive, but eas­ier to find when you want them.

  • Ques­tions Page now has two sec­tions:

    • Re­cent Ac­tivity – sim­ply sorted by “most re­cently com­mented at”, so if you re­spond to an old ques­tion it will ap­pear above the fold.

    • Top Ques­tions – also sorted by “re­cently com­mented”, but filtered to ques­tions with 40 or more karma, so that it’s eas­ier to catch up on up­dates to highly up­voted ques­tions.

  • Com­mu­nity Page

    • UI up­dated to match Home Page.

    • The group sec­tion now shows 7 groups in­stead of 3, and has a load more but­ton.