The list

What is the list? The list is what makes hu­mans noth­ing more than biolog­i­cal com­put­ers. It’s what makes all hu­man ac­tions de­ter­minis­tic in na­ture, but we can’t see the list.

The list is seated in, and com­piled by our sub­con­scious. It’s a list of all our de­sires and prefer­ences, in or­der of im­por­tance, for ev­ery situ­a­tion. Our senses in­put data, which is in­ter­preted by our sub­con­scious. This data is then cross refer­enced with the list and the ap­pro­pri­ate re­sponse is de­ter­mined. The list is self adapt­ing. Up­dated, as we sleep, by new ex­pe­riences. Some val­ues are fixed, for ex­am­ple, sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion, while other val­ues are mali­able. So a lik­ing of a per­son or thing can be con­verted into a dis­lik­ing through an ex­pe­rience, thus al­ter­ing the list. At any given mo­ment though, the list is static.

This is a new idea. There is no con­ven­tional philos­o­phy which ac­cu­rately matches this de­scrip­tion. Not that I’m aware of any­way. Ar­gu­ments both for and against will be gladly ac­cepted.