The list

What is the list? The list is what makes humans nothing more than biological computers. It’s what makes all human actions deterministic in nature, but we can’t see the list.

The list is seated in, and compiled by our subconscious. It’s a list of all our desires and preferences, in order of importance, for every situation. Our senses input data, which is interpreted by our subconscious. This data is then cross referenced with the list and the appropriate response is determined. The list is self adapting. Updated, as we sleep, by new experiences. Some values are fixed, for example, sexual orientation, while other values are maliable. So a liking of a person or thing can be converted into a disliking through an experience, thus altering the list. At any given moment though, the list is static.

This is a new idea. There is no conventional philosophy which accurately matches this description. Not that I’m aware of anyway. Arguments both for and against will be gladly accepted.