[Question] I have COVID, for how long should I isolate?

Case was relatively mild, and I’m feeling a lot better now (day 5), though I still have the sniffles and minor fatigue. I tested negative last week and positive this week via PCR, so I’m pretty confident this was COVID and not an unrelated illness. I live in the US, where CDC guidelines now say I can go into public spaces if my symptoms are “resolving” and I wear a mask, though this feels a little permissive given the requirements of other countries. It’s unlikely I will be able to get an antigen test result back before day 10. I’m fully vaccinated and boosted with pfizer as of ~3 months ago. I’m having trouble finding high quality research on infectiousness over time. What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to wait (possibly conditional on symptoms) to do the following? None are essential to my basic needs. I will probably do the median of what the community recommends if it seems well supported.

  • Attend an outdoor event masked where I might be <6ft away from others.

  • Go to a grocery store masked at off-peak hours

  • Ride a bus masked

  • Eat indoors at a crowded restaurant.

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