[Question] Advice on reducing other risks during Coronavirus?

I’ve seen tons of great, use­ful ad­vice on re­duc­ing coro­n­avirus risk, and prep­ping for the fal­lout. What I haven’t seen is ad­vice on re­duc­ing other day-to-day risks which would be un­ex­pect­edly dan­ger­ous (due to strained in­fras­truc­ture, re­duced med­i­cal ca­pac­ity, etc) dur­ing the cur­rent pe­riod. Some ob­vi­ous sug­ges­tions might in­clude:

  • If you have to drive, do so more slowly and defen­sively than usual. Try to walk places (while not look­ing at your phone) if you can.

  • Don’t op­er­ate power tools.

  • Don’t do any­thing in­volv­ing sig­nifi­cant heights.

  • Be ex­tra care­ful cook­ing (burns) and clean­ing (chem­i­cals), and han­dling things like glasses or knives that might cut you if they slip or break.

What other sug­ges­tions do peo­ple have?