Possible Cockatrice in written form

My var­i­ous in­ter­web brows­ings stum­bled me upon a po­ten­tial Cock­a­trice in writ­ten, phili­soph­i­cal form. I’ve thus far read through the first chap­ter, and it is less anti-ra­tio­nal than most philo­soph­i­cal writ­ings.

I’m read­ing through it right now, and will provide my feed­back when I’m done, likely as a front-page post.

Per­son­ally, I’m a Fatal­ist, with some sort of Weird Soldier Ethic, who plans to go out the same way that Hunter did (if the cops don’t get me first), but I’ve got a bunch of non­sense to Write first. I figure that’ll make me some­what im­mune. That aside, I doubt it’s a real cock­a­trice—or we would’ve heard about it be­fore.

It is a strong ex­er­cise in Nihilism. So, with those cau­tions given, I offer it to you: an ex­ten­sive suicide let­ter.

Tip of the hat to this guy.