Announcing The Inside View Podcast

After talking to several rationalists with both short and long AI timelines, I have decided to record those conversations so most could benefit from the debates.

For now I have one episode where I introduce my goals for the podcast, but the most interesting one in terms of AI Alignment would be the second one with Connor Leahy, founding member of, a grassroots collective of researchers who have open-sourced both datasets and code to train GPT-3 like models.

I already have two other videos to release, but I plan to interview a lot of rationalists from LessWrong who have both short and longer timelines. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to send me a message on LessWrong, Twitter, or by email at first name dot name at gmail dot com. If Youtube is not your preferred way for listening to these, you can find other alternatives (like google podcasts or spotify) here. EDIT: rss feed