Rationalist households: What can London learn from its predecessors?

At our most re­cent meetup, the Lon­don LessWrongers be­gan dis­cus­sion of set­ting up one or more houses in the cap­i­tal. This thread is in­tended for dis­cus­sion and ad­vice on plan­ning ‘ra­tio­nal­ist house­holds’ and on mak­ing them thrive. You can also reg­ister your in­ter­est in be­ing part of a Lon­don, UK ra­tio­nal­ist house here.

Those who cur­rently live in or have pre­vi­ously lived in ra­tio­nal­ist house­holds
, or who have rele­vant ex­pe­rience, are par­tic­u­larly en­couraged to share their ex­pe­riences, and any data on house se­tups is most wel­come. It would be great if we could get case stud­ies of sev­eral ra­tio­nal­ist house­holds, to com­pare ap­proaches and aid other or­ga­niz­ers.

We’re con­sid­er­ing hav­ing a room for vis­i­tors and peo­ple who are only in the city for part of the year, with an Airbnb-type ar­range­ment for that room at other times. There­fore, we are seek­ing ad­vice from Airbnb hosts on set­ting this up, as well as on its ad­van­tages and dis­ad­van­tages.

We would also like to hear about the com­mon pit­falls of group liv­ing in or­der to avoid mak­ing ba­sic er­rors.