Return of the Survey

[UPDATE: Sur­vey is now closed. Thanks to ev­ery­one who took it. Re­sults soon. Ig­nore ev­ery­thing be­low.]

Last week, I asked peo­ple for help writ­ing a sur­vey. I’ve since taken some of your sug­ges­tions. Not all, be­cause I wanted to keep the sur­vey short, and be­cause the sur­vey soft­ware I’m us­ing made cer­tain types of ques­tions in­con­ve­nient, but some. I hope no one’s too an­gry about their con­tri­bu­tions be­ing left out.

Please note that, due to what was very pos­si­bly a bad de­ci­sion on my part as to what would be most in­tu­itive, I’ve re­quested all prob­a­bil­ities be in per­centage for­mat. So if you think some­thing has a 12 chance of be­ing true, please list 50 in­stead of .5.

Please take the sur­vey now; it can be found here and it shouldn’t take more than fif­teen or twenty min­utes. Un­less per­haps you need to spend a lot of time de­ter­min­ing your opinions on con­tro­ver­sial is­sues, in which case it will be time well spent!

Sev­eral peo­ple, de­spite the BOLD ALL CAPS TEXT say­ing not to take the sur­vey in the last post, went ahead and took the sur­vey. Your re­sults have been deleted. Please take it again. Thank you.

I’ll leave this open for about a week, calcu­late some re­sults, then send out the data. There is an op­tion to make your data pri­vate at the bot­tom of the sur­vey.

Thanks to ev­ery­one who takes this. If you want, post a com­ment say­ing you took it be­low, and I’ll give you a karma point :)