Zachary Robertson

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In-Con­text Learn­ing: A Bridge be­tween RL and Ex­pected Utility Maximization

Zachary Robertson31 Dec 2022 21:39 UTC
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Assess­ing the Ca­pa­bil­ities of ChatGPT through Suc­cess Rates

Zachary Robertson13 Dec 2022 21:16 UTC
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The Op­por­tu­nity and Risks of Learn­ing Hu­man Values In-Context

Zachary Robertson10 Dec 2022 21:40 UTC
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Some Re­marks on Reg­u­la­tor The­o­rems No One Asked For

Zachary Robertson5 Nov 2021 19:33 UTC
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In­stru­men­tal Con­ver­gence: Power as Rademacher Complexity

Zachary Robertson12 Aug 2021 16:02 UTC
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