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[Question] I want to donate some money (not much, just what I can af­ford) to AGI Align­ment re­search, to what­ever or­ga­ni­za­tion has the best chance of mak­ing sure that AGI goes well and doesn’t kill us all. What are my best op­tions, where can I make the most differ­ence per dol­lar?

lumenwrites2 Aug 2022 12:08 UTC
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What are these “out­side of the Over­ton win­dow” ap­proaches to pre­vent­ing AI apoc­a­lypse that Eliezer was talk­ing about in his post?

lumenwrites14 Jun 2022 21:18 UTC
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[Question] How would you ex­plain Bayesian think­ing to a ten year old?

lumenwrites5 Jan 2022 17:25 UTC
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[Question] How do you write origi­nal ra­tio­nal­ist es­says?

lumenwrites1 Dec 2021 8:08 UTC
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