Ur­ban Plan­ning /​ Design

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Urban Planning /​ Design refers to ideas and plans for how to better approach the design of urban environments (such as cities).

A Scal­able Ur­ban De­sign and the Sin­gle Build­ing City

Edward Swernofsky25 Jul 2020 19:06 UTC
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[Question] Will au­tonomous cars be more eco­nom­i­cal/​effi­cient as shared ur­ban tran­sit than busses or trains, and by how much? What’s some good re­search on this?

MakoYass31 Jul 2019 0:16 UTC
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Mov­able Hous­ing for Scal­able Cities

Eliezer Yudkowsky15 May 2020 21:21 UTC
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Propin­quity Cities So Far

MakoYass16 Nov 2020 23:12 UTC
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Old Airports

jefftk9 Jan 2020 3:30 UTC
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The New Age of So­cial Engineering

VivaLaPanda7 Dec 2019 0:23 UTC
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