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Universal Distribution + Absolute Self Selection Assumption (USASSA) is a ‘model of the multiverse and conscious entities considered as informational structures’ (Hal Finney)

It is universal in the sense that the likelihood ratio to other sampling assumptions is bounded by a value that only depends on how complicated the other sampling assumption is.


Jacob Falkovich6 Jan 2023 1:07 UTC
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An­throp­ics and the Univer­sal Distribution

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The Ab­solute Self-Selec­tion Assumption

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all claw, no world — and other thoughts on the uni­ver­sal distribution

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An­throp­ics in a Teg­mark Multiverse

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On the Univer­sal Distribution

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“UDT2” and “against UD+ASSA”

Wei Dai12 May 2019 4:18 UTC
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the quan­tum am­pli­tude ar­gu­ment against ethics deduplication

Tamsin Leake12 Mar 2023 13:02 UTC
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