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A Satisficer aims to reach a set level of utility rather than maximizing utility. It is a proposed optimization process to the open Other-izer problem.

Video explaining Satisficers vs Maximizers (and why satisficers are still dangerous)

Satis­ficers want to be­come maximisers

Stuart_Armstrong21 Oct 2011 16:27 UTC
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Satis­ficers Tend To Seek Power: In­stru­men­tal Con­ver­gence Via Retargetability

TurnTrout18 Nov 2021 1:54 UTC
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Creat­ing a satisficer

Stuart_Armstrong11 Mar 2015 15:03 UTC
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Defin­ing a limited satisficer

Stuart_Armstrong11 Mar 2015 14:23 UTC
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Anti-Pas­cal­ine satisficer

Stuart_Armstrong14 Apr 2015 18:49 UTC
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Satis­ficers’ un­defined behaviour

Stuart_Armstrong5 Mar 2015 17:03 UTC
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[Question] Is ‘sat­ific­ing’ op­ti­mi­sa­tion?

Riccardo Volpato24 Aug 2020 11:51 UTC
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In Praise of Max­i­miz­ing – With Some Caveats

David Althaus15 Mar 2015 19:40 UTC
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