Prin­ci­pal-Agent Problems

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A Principal-Agent Problem is when a decision is delegated to an agent, and the agent is incentivized to make choices other than those the principal would want.

What can the prin­ci­pal-agent liter­a­ture tell us about AI risk?

Alexis Carlier8 Feb 2020 21:28 UTC
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The Align­ment-Com­pe­tence Trade-Off, Part 1: Coal­i­tion Size and Sig­nal­ing Costs

Gentzel15 Jan 2020 23:10 UTC
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Prin­ci­pals, agents, ne­go­ti­a­tion, and precommitments

gwillen21 Sep 2012 3:41 UTC
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Su­per­in­tel­li­gence 13: Ca­pa­bil­ity con­trol methods

KatjaGrace9 Dec 2014 2:00 UTC
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Buy­ing a house and mak­ing friends in un­ex­pected places

dominicq28 Mar 2021 14:35 UTC
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