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Meta-philosophy or metaphilosophy (with no hyphen) is the philosophy of philosophy itself. According to the wikipedia article, “its subject matter includes the aims of philosophy, the boundaries of philosophy, and its methods”.

Some Thoughts on Metaphilosophy

Wei_Dai10 Feb 2019 0:28 UTC
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Me­taphilo­soph­i­cal Mysteries

Wei_Dai27 Jul 2010 0:55 UTC
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Con­cep­tual en­g­ineer­ing: the rev­olu­tion in philos­o­phy you’ve never heard of

Suspended Reason2 Jun 2020 18:30 UTC
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Nor­ma­tivity and Meta-Philosophy

Wei_Dai23 Apr 2013 20:35 UTC
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De­liber­a­tion as a method to find the “ac­tual prefer­ences” of humans

riceissa22 Oct 2019 9:23 UTC
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We Don’t Have a Utility Function

[deleted]2 Apr 2013 3:49 UTC
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On the pur­poses of de­ci­sion the­ory research

Wei_Dai25 Jul 2019 7:18 UTC
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Me­taphilo­soph­i­cal com­pe­tence can’t be dis­en­tan­gled from alignment

zhukeepa1 Apr 2018 0:38 UTC
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My take on agent foun­da­tions: for­mal­iz­ing metaphilo­soph­i­cal competence

zhukeepa1 Apr 2018 6:33 UTC
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abramdemski18 Nov 2020 16:52 UTC
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Re­cur­sive Quan­tiliz­ers II

abramdemski2 Dec 2020 15:26 UTC
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AI Align­ment, Philo­soph­i­cal Plu­ral­ism, and the Rele­vance of Non-Western Philosophy

xuan1 Jan 2021 0:08 UTC
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Learn­ing Nor­ma­tivity: Language

Bunthut5 Feb 2021 22:26 UTC
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The im­por­tance of how you weigh it

Joe Carlsmith29 Mar 2021 4:59 UTC
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