Co­her­ence Arguments


Co­her­ent de­ci­sions im­ply con­sis­tent utilities

Eliezer Yudkowsky12 May 2019 21:33 UTC
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Co­her­ence ar­gu­ments do not en­tail goal-di­rected behavior

Rohin Shah3 Dec 2018 3:26 UTC
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Co­her­ence ar­gu­ments im­ply a force for goal-di­rected behavior

KatjaGrace26 Mar 2021 16:10 UTC
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When Most VNM-Co­her­ent Prefer­ence Order­ings Have Con­ver­gent In­stru­men­tal Incentives

TurnTrout9 Aug 2021 17:22 UTC
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Do in­co­her­ent en­tities have stronger rea­son to be­come more co­her­ent than less?

KatjaGrace30 Jun 2021 5:50 UTC
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Three ways that “Suffi­ciently op­ti­mized agents ap­pear co­her­ent” can be false

Wei_Dai5 Mar 2019 21:52 UTC
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Co­her­ent be­havi­our in the real world is an in­co­her­ent concept

Richard_Ngo11 Feb 2019 17:00 UTC
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Com­ment on Co­her­ence ar­gu­ments do not im­ply goal di­rected behavior

Ronny6 Dec 2019 9:30 UTC
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[Question] Is there a “co­her­ent de­ci­sions im­ply con­sis­tent util­ities”-style ar­gu­ment for non-lex­i­co­graphic prefer­ences?

Tetraspace29 Jun 2021 19:14 UTC
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Deriv­ing Con­di­tional Ex­pected Utility from Pareto-Effi­cient Decisions

Thomas Kwa5 May 2022 3:21 UTC
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The “Mea­sur­ing Stick of Utility” Problem

johnswentworth25 May 2022 16:17 UTC
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