Cog­ni­tive Architecture

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Cognitive Architectures are theories of cognition that are used to understand the functioning of the human mind as well as design and implement artificial intelligences that emerge from various components that each handle separate aspects of cognition, like planning and memory.

In­side View, Out­side View… And Op­pos­ing View

chaosmage20 Dec 2023 12:35 UTC
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AGI will be made of het­ero­ge­neous com­po­nents, Trans­former and Selec­tive SSM blocks will be among them

Roman Leventov27 Dec 2023 14:51 UTC
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Safety-First Agents/​Ar­chi­tec­tures Are a Promis­ing Path to Safe AGI

Brendon_Wong6 Aug 2023 8:02 UTC
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Ca­pa­bil­ities and al­ign­ment of LLM cog­ni­tive architectures

Seth Herd18 Apr 2023 16:29 UTC
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Notes on the im­por­tance and im­ple­men­ta­tion of safety-first cog­ni­tive ar­chi­tec­tures for AI

Brendon_Wong11 May 2023 10:03 UTC
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The Open Agency Model

Eric Drexler22 Feb 2023 10:35 UTC
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GPT-4 im­plic­itly val­ues iden­tity preser­va­tion: a study of LMCA iden­tity management

Ozyrus17 May 2023 14:13 UTC
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Roadmap for a col­lab­o­ra­tive pro­to­type of an Open Agency Architecture

Deger Turan10 May 2023 17:41 UTC
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Creat­ing a self-refer­en­tial sys­tem prompt for GPT-4

Ozyrus17 May 2023 14:13 UTC
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Align­ing an H-JEPA agent via train­ing on the out­puts of an LLM-based “ex­em­plary ac­tor”

Roman Leventov29 May 2023 11:08 UTC
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An LLM-based “ex­em­plary ac­tor”

Roman Leventov29 May 2023 11:12 UTC
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[Question] Killing Re­cur­rent Me­mory Over Self At­ten­tion?

Del Nobolo6 Jun 2023 23:02 UTC
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Davi­dad’s Bold Plan for Align­ment: An In-Depth Explanation

19 Apr 2023 16:09 UTC
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