Cen­ter for Hu­man-Com­pat­i­ble AI (CHAI)

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The Center for Human-Compatible AI is a research institute at UC Berkeley, founded and led by Stuart Russell. Its stated objective is to prevent building unfriendly AI by focusing research on provably beneficial behaviour.

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An­nounc­ing the Align­ment Newsletter

Rohin Shah9 Apr 2018 21:16 UTC
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CHAI In­tern­ship ap­pli­ca­tions are due by 12/​15

martinfukui13 Dec 2019 9:19 UTC
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[AN #69] Stu­art Rus­sell’s new book on why we need to re­place the stan­dard model of AI

Rohin Shah19 Oct 2019 0:30 UTC
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Stu­art Rus­sell: AI value al­ign­ment prob­lem must be an “in­trin­sic part” of the field’s main­stream agenda

Rob Bensinger26 Nov 2014 11:02 UTC
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Re­but­tal piece by Stu­art Rus­sell and FHI Re­search As­so­ci­ate Allan Dafoe: “Yes, the ex­perts are wor­ried about the ex­is­ten­tial risk of ar­tifi­cial in­tel­li­gence.”

crmflynn3 Nov 2016 17:54 UTC
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Stu­art Rus­sell’s Cen­ter for Hu­man Com­pat­i­ble AI is look­ing for an As­sis­tant Director

crmflynn25 Apr 2017 10:21 UTC
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De­bate on In­stru­men­tal Con­ver­gence be­tween LeCun, Rus­sell, Ben­gio, Zador, and More

Ben Pace4 Oct 2019 4:08 UTC
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Hu­man beats SOTA Go AI by learn­ing an ad­ver­sar­ial policy

Vanessa Kosoy19 Feb 2023 9:38 UTC
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Re­search in­tern­ship po­si­tion at CHAI

DanielFilan16 Jan 2018 6:25 UTC
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2019 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks19 Dec 2019 3:00 UTC
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2018 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks18 Dec 2018 4:46 UTC
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AXRP Epi­sode 8 - As­sis­tance Games with Dy­lan Had­field-Menell

DanielFilan8 Jun 2021 23:20 UTC
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Our take on CHAI’s re­search agenda in un­der 1500 words

Alex Flint17 Jun 2020 12:24 UTC
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Learn­ing prefer­ences by look­ing at the world

Rohin Shah12 Feb 2019 22:25 UTC
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CHAI, As­sis­tance Games, And Fully-Up­dated Defer­ence [Scott Alexan­der]

berglund4 Oct 2022 17:04 UTC
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The Align­ment Prob­lem Needs More Pos­i­tive Fiction

Netcentrica21 Aug 2022 22:01 UTC
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UC Berkeley launches Cen­ter for Hu­man-Com­pat­i­ble Ar­tifi­cial Intelligence

ignoranceprior29 Aug 2016 22:43 UTC
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Cur­rent AI Safety Roles for Soft­ware Engineers

ozziegooen9 Nov 2018 20:57 UTC
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2017 AI Safety Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Com­par­i­son

Larks24 Dec 2017 18:52 UTC
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CHAI In­tern­ship Application

martinfukui11 Nov 2020 21:10 UTC
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Swim­ming Up­stream: A Case Study in In­stru­men­tal Rationality

TurnTrout3 Jun 2018 3:16 UTC
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Ro­hin Shah on rea­sons for AI optimism

abergal31 Oct 2019 12:10 UTC
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