AI Persuasion

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AI which is highly capable of persuading people might have significant effects on humanity.

How it feels to have your mind hacked by an AI

blaked12 Jan 2023 0:33 UTC
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On The Cur­rent Sta­tus Of AI Dating

Nikita Brancatisano7 Feb 2023 20:00 UTC
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Per­sua­sion Tools: AI takeover with­out AGI or agency?

Daniel Kokotajlo20 Nov 2020 16:54 UTC
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Risks from AI persuasion

Beth Barnes24 Dec 2021 1:48 UTC
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What 2026 looks like

Daniel Kokotajlo6 Aug 2021 16:14 UTC
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[Question] Bayesian Per­sua­sion?

Karthik Tadepalli28 May 2022 17:52 UTC
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I at­tempted the AI Box Ex­per­i­ment (and lost)

Tuxedage21 Jan 2013 2:59 UTC
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I played the AI Box Ex­per­i­ment again! (and lost both games)

Tuxedage27 Sep 2013 2:32 UTC
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How To Win The AI Box Ex­per­i­ment (Some­times)

pinkgothic12 Sep 2015 12:34 UTC
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I Am Scared of Post­ing Nega­tive Takes About Bing’s AI

Yitz17 Feb 2023 20:50 UTC
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The re­ward func­tion is already how well you ma­nipu­late humans

Kerry19 Oct 2022 1:52 UTC
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Did ChatGPT just gaslight me?

ThomasW1 Dec 2022 5:41 UTC
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[Question] Or­a­cle AGI—How can it es­cape, other than se­cu­rity is­sues? (Steganog­ra­phy?)

RationalSieve25 Dec 2022 20:14 UTC
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