AI Align­ment In­tro Materials

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AI Alignment Intro Materials. Posts that help someone get oriented and skill up. Distinct from AI Public Materials is that they are more “inward facing” than “outward facing”, i.e. for people who are already sold AI risk is a problem and want to upskill.

A new­comer’s guide to the tech­ni­cal AI safety field

zeshen4 Nov 2022 14:29 UTC
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12 ca­reer-re­lated ques­tions that may (or may not) be helpful for peo­ple in­ter­ested in al­ign­ment research

Akash12 Dec 2022 22:36 UTC
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My first year in AI alignment

Alex_Altair2 Jan 2023 1:28 UTC
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List of links for get­ting into AI safety

zef4 Jan 2023 19:45 UTC
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Align­ment Org Cheat Sheet

20 Sep 2022 17:36 UTC
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How to pur­sue a ca­reer in tech­ni­cal AI alignment

charlie.rs4 Jun 2022 21:11 UTC
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Lev­el­ling Up in AI Safety Re­search Engineering

Gabriel Mukobi2 Sep 2022 4:59 UTC
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The Align­ment Prob­lem from a Deep Learn­ing Per­spec­tive (ma­jor rewrite)

10 Jan 2023 16:06 UTC
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AGI doesn’t need un­der­stand­ing, in­ten­tion, or con­scious­ness in or­der to kill us, only intelligence

James Blaha20 Feb 2023 0:55 UTC
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[Question] Best re­sources to learn philos­o­phy of mind and AI?

Sky Moo27 Mar 2023 18:22 UTC
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