COVID-19 Updates and Analysis

March 2020

Coron­avirus is Here

What is a School?

Let My Peo­ple Stay Home

April 2020

Tak­ing Ini­tial Viral Load Seriously

On R0

Seem­ingly Pop­u­lar Covid-19 Model is Ob­vi­ous Nonsense

My Covid-19 Think­ing: 4/​17

My Covid-19 Think­ing: 4/​23 pre-Cuomo Data

On New York’s An­ti­body Tests

On “COVID-19 Su­per­spreader Events in 28 Coun­tries: Crit­i­cal Pat­terns and Les­sons”

Covid-19 4/​30: Stuck in Limbo

May 2020

SlateS­tarCodex 2020 Pre­dic­tions: Buy, Sell, Hold

Covid-19: New York’s An­ti­body Tests 2

Covid-19 5/​7: Fight­ing Limbo

Covid-19: Comorbidity

Covid 5/​21: Limbo Under

Covid-19 5/​29: Dumb Reopening

Covid-19: My Cur­rent Model

June 2020

Covid-19 6/​4: The Eye of the Storm

Covid-19 6/​11: Brac­ing For a Se­cond Wave

Covid-19 6/​18: The Virus Goes South

Covid 6/​25: The Dam Breaks

July 2020

Covid 7/​2: It Could Be Worse

Covid 7/​9: Lies, Damn Lies and Death Rates

Covid-19: Anal­y­sis of Mor­tal­ity Data

Covid 7/​16: Be­com­ing the Mask

Covid 7/​23: The Se­cond Summit

New Paper on Herd Im­mu­nity Thresholds

Covid 7/​30: Whack a Mole

August 2020

Covid 8/​6: The Case of the Miss­ing Data

Covid 8/​13: Same As It Ever Was

Covid 8/​20: A Lit­tle Progress

Covid 8/​27: The Fall of the CDC

September 2020

Covid 9/​3: Meet the New CDC

Covid 9/​10: Vi­tamin D

Covid 9/​17: It’s Worse

Covid 9/​24: Un­til Mo­rale Improves

October 2020

Covid 10/​1: The Long Haul

Covid 10/​8: Oc­to­ber Surprise

Covid 10/​15: Play­time is Over

Covid 10/​22: Europe in Crisis

Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid 10/​29: All We Ever Talk About

November 2020

Covid 11/​5: Don’t Men­tion the War

Covid 11/​12: The Winds of Winter

Covid 11/​19: Don’t Do Stupid Things

Covid 11/​26: Thanksgiving

December 2020

Covid 12/​3: Land of Confusion

Covid 12/​10: Vac­cine Ap­proval Day in America

Covid 12/​17: The First Dose

Covid 12/​24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over

[Question] What ev­i­dence will tell us about the new strain? How are you up­dat­ing?

Covid 12/​31: Meet the New Year

January 2021

Fourth Wave Covid Toy Modeling

Covid 1/​7: The Fire of a Thou­sand Suns

Covid 1/​14: To Launch a Thou­sand Shipments

Covid: The Ques­tion of Im­mu­nity From Infection

Covid 1/​21: Turn­ing the Corner

Covid 1/​28: Mud­dling Through

February 2021

Covid 2/​4: Safe and Effec­tive Vac­cines Aplenty

Covid 2/​11: As Expected

Covid 2/​18: Vac­cines Still Work

Judg­ing Our April 2020 Covid-19 Predictions

Covid 2/​25: Hold­ing Pattern

March 2021

Covid 3/​4: De­clare Vic­tory and Leave Home

Covid 3/​12: New CDC Guidelines Available

Covid 3/​18: An Ex­pected Quan­tity of Blood Clots

Covid 3/​25: Own Goals

April 2021

Covid 4/​1: Vac­cine Passports

Covid 4/​9: Another Vac­cine Pass­port Objection

Covid 4/​15: Are We Se­ri­ously Do­ing This Again

Covid 4/​22: Cri­sis in India

Covid 4/​29: Vac­ci­na­tion Slowdown

May 2021

Covid 5/​6: Vac­cine Pa­tent Suspension

Covid 5/​13: Mov­ing On

Covid 5/​20: The Great Unmasking

Covid 5/​27: The Fi­nal Countdown

June 2021

Covid 6/​3: No News is Good News

Covid 6/​10: Some­body Else’s Problem

Covid 6/​17: One Last Scare

Covid 6/​24: The Span­ish Prisoner

July 2021

Covid 7/​1: Don’t Panic

Covid 7/​8: Delta Takes Over

Covid 7/​15: Rates of Change

Covid 7/​22: Er­ror Correction

Covid 7/​29: You Play to Win the Game

August 2021

Covid 8/​5: Much Ado About Nothing

Covid 8/​12: The Worst Is Over

Covid 8/​19: Crack­ing the Booster

Covid 8/​26: Full Vac­cine Approval

September 2021

Covid 9/​2: Long Covid Analysis

Covid 9/​9: Pass­ing the Peak

Covid 9/​17: Done Bi­den His Time

Covid 9/​23: There Is a War

Covid 9/​30: Peo­ple Re­spond to Incentives

October 2021

Covid 10/​7: Steady as She Goes

Covid 10/​14: Less Long Cvoid

Covid 10/​21: Ro­gan vs. Gupta

Covid 10/​28: An Un­ex­pected Victory

November 2021

Covid 11/​4: The After Times

Covid 11/​11: Win­ter and Effec­tive Treat­ments Are Coming

Covid 11/​18: Paxlovid Re­mains Illegal

Paxlovid Re­mains Ille­gal: 11/​24 Update

Covid 11/​25: Another Thanksgiving

Omicron Var­i­ant Post #1: We’re F***ed, It’s Never Over

Omicron Var­i­ant Post #2