[link] Cargo Cult Debugging

[...] Here is the right way to ad­dress this bug:

  1. Learn more about man­i­fests, so I know what a good one looks like.

  2. Take a look at the one we’re gen­er­at­ing for Kiln; see if any­thing ob­vi­ous screams out.

  3. If so, dive into the build sys­tem [blech] and have it fix up the man­i­fest, or gen­er­ate a bet­ter one, or what­ever’s in­volved here. This part’s a sec­ond black box to me, since the Kiln Stor­age Ser­vice is just a py2exe ex­e­cutable, mean­ing that we might be hit­ting a bug in py2exe, not our build sys­tem.

  4. If not, burn a Microsoft sup­port ticket so I can learn how to get some more de­bug­ging info out of the er­ror mes­sage.

Here’s the first thing I ac­tu­ally did:

  1. Look at the ex­e­cutable us­ing a de­pen­dency checker to see what DLLs it was us­ing, then make sure they were pre­sent on Win­dows 2003.

This is not the be­hav­ior of a ra­tio­nal man. [...]