Feature Request: Right Click to Copy LaTeX

Something I do frequently is run into a block of LaTeX that I’m not sure I fully grasp.

At such a point, what I’d like to do is just copy the equation and paste it to GPT-4 and have it explain it to me step by step, then iterate on the feedback until I’m sure I understood it.

On some other sites, right clicking brings up a pane that allows me to view the LaTeX.

E.g. from @beren’s blog:

Then I copy the equations, paste it in ChatGPT and ask GPT-4 to explain it in detail:

This workflow is pretty inconvenient for LessWrong as I have to manually type the LaTeX adding extra friction (and sometimes that is extra difficult as some equations are especially unfamiliar and I’m not sure how to reproduce them). This is such a nightmare on mobile (where I do most of my LW reading from), that I mostly don’t bother and often just give up.

If a feature were added to provide this functionality natively on the site, it would be a significant improvement to my user experience.

Cc: @habryka, @Ruby.