Chicago/​Madison Meetup

After a successful first Chicago meetup, Airedale and I are now looking forward to the first nonfirst meetup. There are a few different options:

  • Hold the meetup in Chicago on a weekend afternoon, like last time. That could mean the 31st or 1st, or maybe the 24th or 25th. Unless there’s massive support for another Hyde Park meetup, we propose trying out a different part of town, such as the North side or the Loop.

  • Hold the meetup in Chicago on the evening of Tuesday the 27th. The upside is LW/​SIAI regulars Will Newsome and Kevin plan to be in town.

  • Will and Kevin plan to visit Madison on the 28th and some other cities in the days after, where they’ll want to hold meetups if there’s interest. They will post details. (Airedale and I won’t be able to attend, though we may be able to attend a future weekend Madison meetup.)

Any thoughts on what’s convenient for most people, and on what’s a good venue?

If you’re interested, there’s a Google Group where you can sign up for further updates. Hope to see you soon.