PSA: Please list your references, don’t just link them

In what became 5th most-read new post on LessWrong in 2012, Morendil told us about a study widely cited in its field… except that source cited, which isn’t online and is really difficult to get, makes a different claim — and turns out to not even be the original research, but a PowerPoint presentation given ten years after the original study was published!

Fortunately, the original study turns out to be freely available online, for all to read; Morendil’s post has a link. The post also tells us the author and the year of publication. But that’s all: Morendil didn’t provide a list of references; he showed how the presentation is usually cited, but didn’t give a full citation for the original study.

The link is broken now. The Wayback machine doesn’t have a copy. The address doesn’t give hints about the study’s title. I haven’t been able to find anything on Google Scholar with author, year, and likely keywords.

I rest my case.