[Question] Is value drift net-positive, net-negative, or neither?

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I’ve been asked vari­a­tions of this ques­tion a few times re­cently, as I’m study­ing value drift for my un­der­grad­u­ate the­sis, so I thought I would seek out oth­ers’ thoughts on this.

I sup­pose part of this de­pends on how we define value drift. I’ve seen value drift defined as broadly as changes in val­ues (from the Global Op­ti­mum pod­cast) and as nar­rowly as be­com­ing less mo­ti­vated to do al­tru­is­tic things over time (from Joey Savoie’s fo­rum post). While the lat­ter seems al­most cer­tainly net-nega­tive, how the former plays out is a lit­tle less clear to me.

This leads me to won­der if there might be differ­ent kinds of value drift that may be vary­ing de­grees of good or bad.


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