Official LW uncensored thread (on Reddit)


This is meant as an open dis­cus­sion thread some­place where I won’t cen­sor any­thing (and in fact can’t cen­sor any­thing, since I don’t have mod per­mis­sions on this sub­red­dit), in a lo­ca­tion where com­ments aren’t go­ing to show up un­so­lic­ited in any­one’s feed (which is why we’re not do­ing this lo­cally on LW). If I’m wrong about this—i.e. if there’s some rea­son that Red­dit LW fol­low­ers are go­ing to see com­ments with­out choos­ing to click on the post—please let me know and I’ll re­tract the thread and try to find some other fo­rum.

I have been delet­ing a lot of com­ments from (self-con­fessed and pub­li­cly des­ig­nated) trolls re­cently, most no­tably Dmytry aka pri­vate-mes­sag­ing and Pe­ter­d­jones, and I can un­der­stand that this dis­turbs some peo­ple. I also know that hav­ing an un­cen­sored thread some­where else is prob­a­bly not your ideal solu­tion. But I am do­ing my best to bal­ance con­sid­er­a­tions, and I hope that hav­ing threads like these is, if not your perfect solu­tion, then some­thing that you at least re­gard as bet­ter than noth­ing.