Swarm AI (tool)


I re­mem­ber play­ing with this a while back, an­swer­ing ran­dom ques­tions. I guess now they’ve re­leased it as a busi­ness tool for com­pa­nies to run their own vot­ing rooms.

Quick overview:

  1. You cre­ate a room.

  2. You in­vite 4-200 par­ti­ci­pants.

  3. You ask ques­tions.

  4. Par­ti­ci­pants vote.

  5. You get pre­dic­tion re­sults us­ing their AI.

Their video and web­site claims they got a lot of hard pre­dic­tions right. Of course, they aren’t say­ing how many other things they guessed. So it’s hard to say how mag­i­cal it is, but it seems worth try­ing out. I’m up for join­ing peo­ple’s room if they want to run some ex­per­i­ments.