[SEQ RERUN] Knowing About Biases Can Hurt People

To­day’s post, Know­ing About Bi­ases Can Hurt Peo­ple was origi­nally pub­lished on April 4, 2007. A sum­mary (from the LW wiki):

Learn­ing com­mon bi­ases won’t help you ob­tain truth if you only use this knowl­edge to at­tack be­liefs you don’t like. Dis­cus­sions about bi­ases need to first do no harm by em­pha­siz­ing mo­ti­vated cog­ni­tion, the so­phis­ti­ca­tion effect, and dys­ra­tiona­lia, al­though even knowl­edge of these can back­fire.

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