10 Public “I was wrong” Admissions by Scientists and Intellectuals

“I was wrong”

Why are these three words so hard for the human tongue? This question has fascinated for a very long time…. Talk about the importance of integrity is common in intellectual circles but actual cases that demonstrate that are much harder to find. Alas, it turns out scientists are human too…

Two years ago, I started collecting those noteworthy cases where intellectuals and scientists admitted mistakes in public. My hope is that such compilations can help in building and understanding a healthy culture about admitting mistakes, especially in intellectual circles. I finally published 10 Times Scientists Admitted They Were Wrong and What You Can Learn from Them “https://​​www.clearerthinking.org/​​post/​​10-times-scientists-admitted-they-were-wrong-and-what-you-can-learn-from-them

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