[Question] Analog rewritable tablet

I am requesting suggestions for an analog-ish rewritable tablet. Details below.

I have a paper and pencil task list for work that I repeatedly erase and write over as I complete various tasks. After a month or two, it gets hard to read and I have to copy everything onto a new list. I’m looking for an alternative type of paper that can be erased many times without smudging or erasing accidentally. I don’t want a fully digital solution like an iPad or a digital text document, but rather something with a look and feel similar to paper or a dry erase board, but that erases easier than paper and avoids the sort of smudging and accidental erasure that you get with a dry erase board.

The two possibilities that I found so far are Boogie Board and Rocketbook (and other brands producing similar items to those two.) They seem nice in theory but reviews indicate that the technologies are not quite mature. Boogie Board all the text lightens every time you use the partial erase, and Rocketbook takes 15-30 seconds for the ink to dry and still smudges after that.