[Question] How to validate research ideas?

Let’s say you have an idea that you think might be in­ter­est­ing to in­ves­ti­gate, pos­si­bly a new as­pect in AI safety, maybe some new al­gorithm.

If you’re an ex­pe­rienced re­searcher, you prob­a­bly have plenty of in­tu­ition to think through it, con­sider the pos­si­ble out­comes and de­cide whether it’s worth in­ves­ti­gat­ing.

If you have a de­cent aca­demic net­work, you can prob­a­bly bring it up even in ca­sual con­ver­sa­tions with peo­ple who are as good or bet­ter than you in the field to get a sense of their in­tu­itions.

What if you have none of those things? Is there an on­line fo­rum for such dis­cus­sions, just like I’d go to red­dit when look­ing for e.g. game recom­men­da­tions? Maybe *this* is the fo­rum?

And are there any good recom­men­da­tions how to try and work it out by your­self, with­out refer­ring to the wis­dom of on­line crowds?

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