[Question] How do I reach a conclusion on how many eggs per week are healthy?

As some­one who is not a nu­tri­tion­ist, and has limited time, what’s the op­ti­mal course of ac­tion in de­ter­min­ing whether the ev­i­dence is in fa­vor of eggs or against them?

Should I look at pub­lic health guidelines, poke around for meta analy­ses in Google Scholar, find the ex­pert con­sen­sus, or … ?

It is also worth not­ing that there are at least two big prob­lems with the ev­i­dence about eggs; A lot of re­search is said to be spon­sored by the in­dus­try. Egg con­sump­tion is cor­re­lated with all kinds of bad habits/​char­ac­ter­is­tics (obe­sity, smok­ing, poverty, etc).

I know the po­si­tion of max­i­mum cau­tion is to re­place eggs with other less sus­pect sources of micronu­tri­ents, but per­son­ally I have crip­pled ac­cess to a good gro­cery mar­ket (I live in Iran), and am un­der a limited time bud­get. This makes me re­luc­tant to forego eggs merely to be on the safe side. Espe­cially since I eat a semi­pa­leo diet, which is already re­stric­tive.