Meetup : Sunday Meetup

Discussion article for the meetup : Sunday Meetup

WHEN: 04 May 2014 04:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Bidwell Park Bidwell and Elmwood, Buffalo, NY

Buffalo-area Less Wrong meetups on the first Sunday and Third Thursday of every month. (although you should always check out the meetup page for up to date information: http://​​​​Less-Wrong-Buffalo/​​)

Hi everyone, I was thinking we could try holding a meetup outdoors for once (weather permitting) at Bidwell Park. If its raining, we’ll meet at the Elmwood Panera Bread instead.

Often times, we use “obviously wrong” beliefs as examples of what to avoid and why having correct beliefs is important. Beliefs like homeopathy or creationism are really tempting punching bags, but as Scott Alexander points out in the cowpox of doubt (http://​​​​2014/​​04/​​15/​​the-cowpox-of-doubt/​​), focusing on these easy targets can make it seem like most wrong beliefs are easy to spot and easy to avoid. With this in mind, let us kick off the spring with our own version of a spring cleaning: “epistemic spring cleaning”

Discussion article for the meetup : Sunday Meetup