Cryonics Career Survey (more jobs than you think)

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Survey presentation

Link to survey: Cryonics Career Survey

Background. During the annual Teens and Twenties Cryonics Gathering (a fully funded yearly gathering for young cryonics members), there is usually a survey that is distributed to all participants to gauge their interests around getting involved in various roles in cryonics, professionally or as a volunteer. This has been useful, and I think it would be even more valuable if it were accessible for anyone to fill out–so I made my own version.

Goals. The goals of this survey are to gather people that are either:

  • (potentially) interested in utilizing their skills/​knowledge/​experience to support cryonics endeavors – there are many work opportunities you probably don’t know about;

  • (potentially) interested in learning and seeking guidance/​mentorships/​information about having a career in cryonics – we’re already in touch with cryonics researchers willing to mentor.

    • Note: Ramping up to being able to do meaningful cryonics research might be easier than you think, so I invite you to err on the side of signaling your interest to us.

Email use. We will email the list with work opportunities, as well as (if you opt-in) share your information with interested and approved cryonics(-relevant) organizations for the purpose of helping them find people to work for them. We will also email the list with any information relevant to working in cryonics, such as relevant interviews of cryonics researchers or mentorship opportunities. We expect to send emails infrequently—less than once per month. You can unsubscribe at any time of course.

Related opportunities:

  • If you’re an MD and/​or PhD and support the Scientists’ Open Letter on Cryonics, please also let us know.

  • If you’re involved in cryonics and willing to mentor others, please reach out!

Fill out the survey here: Cryonics Career Survey

Currently open roles

After an extensive web search of cryonics organizations we know of, here is a list of some current job postings we were able to find (when the country isn’t specified it means it’s in the USA or remote) – some of those roles might have recently close, but I’m leaving them up to show the diversity of options (most or all should still be open at the time of posting though). Fill out the survey to get information about future such opportunities.