Insufficient awareness of how everything sucks

There are so many theories about how future AIs will take over the world, when in the real world software is evil because it DOESN’T WORK.
It takes almost a minute to open a damn txt file on my Windows 10 desktop PC. Things were actually slightly faster in Windows 95. Websites keep loading slower and slower. Bloatware keeps expanding for less functionality. Click and click and click and nothing happens.

Software isn’t evil because it evolves beyond the user’s goals toward alien goals, but because the computer programmers goals are opposed to the user’s goals. Microsoft hired every devil in hell to work overtime to make it keep crashing and freezing while unstoppably downloading more malware.
I cannot describe in words how hypersatanically evil the world’s programmers are, malevolent, diabolical, demonic (that last one not literally). It’s been going on for decades, the constant problem of my daily life.
My Pixma scanner is held hostage by the shitbastards at Canon corporation because an attached ink cartridge apparently expired. My h2owireless cellphone sim card stopped working with $7.50 on account and they won’t respond in any way. There is NEVER NEVER NEVER any useful info on their websites.

I understand people on this site are deeply worried that future software, instead of being able to do almost nothing for the user, will suddenly be able to do everything for itself.
But everything goes wrong so badly that even things going wrong will go wrong.
People probably WILL use AIs eventually to invent designer neurotoxins or interacting retroviruses or nano shrapnel or something.