[Question] Biotech to make humans afraid of AI

Import background assumption of AGI risk being really bad.

(Wild speculative ideas, babbling)

How hard would it be to make a drug or genetically engineered microorganism that made humans more afraid of AI? (Or some similar mental effect) Is it something that could reasonably be made without AGI and with the sort of resources such a project could reasonably access?

How hard would it be to distribute such a substance to at least the portion of humanity most likely to develop AGI? Various distribution methods suggest themselves. Dosing food or water. Making it also do something else that people might want, and then giving or selling it. (Baldness cure/​side effects may include excessive fear of AI/​ maybe don’t mention that). Making it literally infectious.

Would this actually result in AGI not being built until we know what we are doing?

In short, I am trying to tell if this is a wild but potentially workable idea, or just rubbish.

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