The Other Path—a poem

Inspired by the call to rationalist poetry fans and informed by years of writing satire.

The Other Path

When you ask for truth and are offered illusion,

When senses deceive you and reasoning lies

I’ll show you the path through the murky confusion,

Just follow and close your eyes.

On matters of fact there’s no fact of the matter,

All moral and virtue are fashion and fad,

So dress in the creed that will fit you and flatter

No one can argue with that.

Some puzzles unyielding and mysteries ancient

No formula ever could hope to describe.

How proudly the scientist seeks explanations

How clearly in vain she strives.

Make cases like fortifications of metal,

No rival assertion shall ever go past.

Be carefree in choosing the side of the battle

But guard it until your last.

The sages declared that to know is to suffer,

Where wisdom is gained there is innocence lost

And learning is danger – best leave it to others,

Avoid it at any cost.

Some fools declare war on their very own nature

Their weapons are evidence, reason and math.

Don’t offer compassion to those wretched creatures,

They’ve chosen the other path.