[Question] If you lose enough Good Heart Tokens, will you lose real-world money?

Please note that the following is satirical, just in case you somehow couldn’t tell.

With the new Good Hearts system replacing Karma, it appears that those who receive a sufficient number of upvotes will gain actual, physical, real-world money. This begs the question: what happens to those who get downvoted?

I have to imagine that the consequences to such a shameful predicament will be dire. After all, per thermodynamic law, there must be a balance of entropy in any closed system. We know that the rationalist movement has been accused of being elitist in the past, aka a closed system. Therefore, for all rationalists who make money, there must be those who lose it. The only reasonable way to lose money as a rationalist is if you are failing to be rational, which means you’re a loser. Being a loser is typified by those who are unpopular in social situations, and downvoting is an easy method to indicate social unpopularity. Therefore, those who are downvoted are losers, and must be punished. Monetarily. Q.E.D.

An unpopular enough post may even force the writer into debt, at which point the secret MIRI agents scattered where you least expect them (probably still in California though, let’s face it they aren’t moving) will be activated. [At this point I got bored writing this and let GPT-3 complete the rest of this post. Enjoy(?).] These agents, upon receiving a signal that someone has become too irrational for society, will break into their house in the middle of the night and forcefully remove them from their bed. The agent will then drag the screaming, struggling person to the nearest high place and toss them off.

But before they do so, they’ll make sure to leave behind a note that reads something like “you were downvoted on LessWrong because you are irrationally committed to your current beliefs. Good luck in future lives!”

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